Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Auspicious Event

Today was a momentous day. Early this morning, one of our bright and spoiled chickens headed into the nesting box and fluffed herself down. It was amazing that she was able to concentrate with Aidan and Chloe peeking in on her every few minutes. You would have thought their child was in labor with all of the handwringing and anxious pacing while they waited for her to get off the nest. I kept telling Aidan that it might be a false alarm as our chickens have appeared to be "practicing" for the last few days. But no sooner then I had gone inside when Aidan bursts in through the door yelling at the top of his lungs, "AN EGG...AN EGGGG!!"

Sure enough, Tikka, 20 weeks and one day, had produced the finest first egg ever.

Here she is, the queen of the day. Aidan caught 3 fat flies to reward her efforts. (Far be it from her to have to catch her own flies.)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A few Pics

Blogger is having issues downloading my pictures. I have been trying for a few days...grrr. But here are a few that managed to sneak through.
One of our very happy and spoiled chickens. The sassiest one who wants to eat food from your hand and plays a good imitation of Queen Latifah--Tikka.

Our peas have turned into an explosion of purple and white flowers. Chloe picked the first ripe one just yesterday.

My morning smoothies have been inhanced with freshly picked spinach. The other day my cupboards were bare so we made a pizza with homemade pesto from ingredients scavanged from our growing things...fresh spinach, basil, and oregano, sun dried tomatoes from a friend's garden and pecorino cheese (which came from the store). Yummy.

We have also added a peach tree, a grape vine, blueberry bush, and black raspberries.