Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter Gold

I took an early walk this morning before I began my string of commitments. I have been mesmerized by the gorgeous winter light lately. It arrives pinkish golden and changes hues throughout the day. I love winter because she bares her soul for you to see the bones of everything around you. Imperfections and scars are plainly visible, made more beautiful because underneath the snow, you know there is so much living happening.

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The Flatirons

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I'm waiting for the day the owners of this little farm come knocking on my door because they want to sell it to me. And I will say yes.

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On a side note, I (heroically, in retrospect) volunteered to chaperone a group of orchestra students during their lunch at the mall as a stop on their "goodwill tour". Which was kind of ironic since I'm not sure that letting large numbers of preteens giddy from skipping school loose in the mall did much spreading of goodwill. 

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I was approached by a disgruntled employee at Dick's Sporting Goods asking me if I was in charge. He asked us to quite playing on the escalators and to not let my group go back upstairs. I'm not sure why he was so cranky. Aidan was simply encouraging patrons to buy various items by pointing out  selling points.  You would think that would be helpful.

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The escalators, I could understand. So I smiled sweetly while frantically rewinding in my mind to see if he had seen my dash up the elevators the wrong way. (I'm sure that I should be ashamed of that behavior. But in my defense, they didn't think I could/would do it, and I was mostly trying to stay within arms reach of two certain individuals whose behavior I was concerned about. )

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I'm going back for another round tomorrow. The orchestra has two days of playing at area elementary schools with a stop in the middle at the mall for lunch. I will have to make sure that we avoid the stores we went in today. I ran into another mom who was asking if I had seen members of her group, she wasn't sure where they went. They were probably riding the escalators...