Friday, August 29, 2014


let me come home
Home is wherever I'm with you
Home, let me come home
Home is wherever I'm with you
 (Edward Sharpe)
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Picture a Day

Hey there. I've given myself the lofty goal of taking a picture a day. Mostly because I like goals. And lists. And keeping the goal, or finishing the list, is not nearly as important to me as having one. I know that's weird, but so is the fact that I like to turn almost any surface into a chalkboard so that it will be ready for brilliant ideas or thoughts or lists, at any time. I rarely write on them, but I have them. Just in case.

I took this photo yesterday, so I guess I'm behind already. Hmm, maybe I should just try and post a picture a day. See, that's the good thing about giving yourself goals, you can modify them at any time if they're not working out so great.

Anyway, here is a view of a sea of sunflowers. I hiked through waist high spiky plants in my cowboy boots with my tripod slung over my shoulder to take this photo. My socks were slipping off in my boots and ended up in a little puddle by my toes, and the spiky plants kept depositing little spiky seeds conveniently into the top of my boots. But it's technically impossible to feel irritated in a field of sunflowers.

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Happy Thursday.

Monday, August 4, 2014


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We had a brief sojourn in Jericho on the way to the Dead Sea. Someone had to use the bathroom. Our jelly bean mint green rental car stuck out, well, like a mint green jelly bean in a dusty brown landscape. We came out of the store, after politely disentangling from the gentleman who was earnestly trying to sell me the $500 Hebron glass set, to find our rental surrounded by a gaggle of Palestinian teenagers taking selfies. Aidan's appearance set off a flurry of whispering and giggling, and shy smiles beneath headscarves. But Chloe had eyes for one thing only. Because there, next to the man in the hut brewing Chris an exceptional cup of Arabic cardamom coffee- over an open flame, was, The camel.
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I sent Aidan over to ask how much a ride was-15 Shekels, they said. Chloe was seized with immediate camel-shyness though, and wanted Aidan to ride with her. So I trotted over to ask how much for the two kids. The guy looked me over and quickly replied- 50 Shekels. Chris was still happily discussing coffee with the guy in the hut, so I did what any good mom would do and forked over the extra shekels so my daughter could get her life's dream of a slow turn around the parking lot on a grumpy dromedary. 
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Elisha's Well

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And the water is still good

There was an archeological dig going on across the street. We didn't go in, but we bought some dates from a snazzily dressed young man at the gate. When he opened his wallet to give the change, it was stuffed with large bills in all currencies. Chris doesn't like to carry coins in his pocket, so I held out my hand for the change. At this, he sweetly chastised me telling me "No No no, the man should be the one to hold the money." And then he proceeded to see us safely across the (empty) street by standing in the middle of the road and grandly ushering us over.

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The archeological site
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Shepherd Boy and Aidan
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PS, the dates weren't very good, but the coffee was extraordinary, the hospitality was lovely, and the camel ride was bumpy.