Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Picture a Day

Hey there. I've given myself the lofty goal of taking a picture a day. Mostly because I like goals. And lists. And keeping the goal, or finishing the list, is not nearly as important to me as having one. I know that's weird, but so is the fact that I like to turn almost any surface into a chalkboard so that it will be ready for brilliant ideas or thoughts or lists, at any time. I rarely write on them, but I have them. Just in case.

I took this photo yesterday, so I guess I'm behind already. Hmm, maybe I should just try and post a picture a day. See, that's the good thing about giving yourself goals, you can modify them at any time if they're not working out so great.

Anyway, here is a view of a sea of sunflowers. I hiked through waist high spiky plants in my cowboy boots with my tripod slung over my shoulder to take this photo. My socks were slipping off in my boots and ended up in a little puddle by my toes, and the spiky plants kept depositing little spiky seeds conveniently into the top of my boots. But it's technically impossible to feel irritated in a field of sunflowers.

 photo DPP_0004_zps7f54f148.jpg
Happy Thursday.

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