Saturday, March 27, 2010

Okay fine, I'll go

A few months ago we started attending a small group called Orphan's Hope. The sweet, helpful people immediately suggested that we attend a adoption seminar coming up in April. I smiled and nodded noncommitedly while thinking that I didn't want to go and I already knew I wanted to adopt so it wasn't for me anyway. I'm not sure why my immediate reaction was strongly against going-it just was. The cost is only 20 dollars with lunch and childcare provided, so that wasn't it. Well, time passes and every new friend we met adoption related somehow or another mentioned or suggested that we attend this seminar. Hmm. I even told Chris as (I was tossing another brochure provided by a well meaning source onto the floor of the car) that I didn't know why people kept bringing up this thing because I just didn't want to go. ("Okay", was his response, by the way) So here I am again tonight when a Facebook friend's link leads me to the info that our church in CO is hosting the exact same seminar (If You Were Mine-it's a video thing)... Hmm. Okay fine, we'll go. April 10. I'm not exactly sure why we should be going. Maybe it's nothing, but maybe, it's something.

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  1. Jen & I have always felt we'll adopt in a few years. It'll be great to see what God has in store, eh? :)