Thursday, January 13, 2011


I wonder if I should be concerned with my infrequent blog updates. On the one hand, I could worry about the fact that if I only have a thought worth sharing once a month or so, that brings into question what is going on in my head the rest of the time. Or I could just give myself the benefit of the doubt that I don't see the need to join the clogging of cyberspace with every minute detail of my life as if the world cares what I had for breakfast. After all, that's what Facebook is for. (And for the record, today I had yogurt and granola with fruit and nuts) But that's not what inspired me to face my computer with my thoughts today. I was wondering what drove me to notice (or maybe to go looking for) a friend's need and go out of my way to help. It could be assumed that it's because I'm such a nice person. But that thought has to be dismissed rather quickly. I'm really not, and in fact, I can be rather selfish at times. Today I realized that certain situations I find myself in are because I am trying to pay a debt. Nope, this is not where I'm going to get all spiritual and perfect. This is where I will admit that every pregnant or new mom who has ever had me offer to clean her bathroom is because of Mary Bickham Thomas. Who came over cheerfully dressed in yellow rubber gloves and took it upon herself to clean a pregnant, sick girl's john, and in the process left a footprint on my life. If I've ever offered to watch your kids you can thank Tracy Howe Wispelwey who dropped everything she was doing to come over and take my kids on a date when she heard in my voice that I was overwhelmed and stressed. If I've ever brought you food it was because of sweet people who fed a new momma when the majority of the population only said "congratulations". And also because of friends like Emily Brashier who gave what she had and brought me groceries when I was too sick to leave the house. Tabitha Burgtorf left her job, her friends and even her state to live with me and feed me and my (starving) husband while I was pregnant and sick (yep it was a long, sick 2 pregnancies). And the friend who came over bringing coffee and offered to talk just because I sounded bummed made me more aware of those outside myself. And the list goes on and on... Still trying to pay all you girls back. By loving on someone else because I know how it felt when you loved on me. So don't think that you're not making a difference because you did, and you are. And all those little things that you have done for a friend, or a stranger, may have changed somebody's life. I know, cuz it did mine. To sum in all up with a nice neat bow, I only know how to love because somebody first showed me.