Thursday, July 7, 2011


Today is deliciously rainy. But yesterday was perfectly sunny. And what better way to spend a sunny summery afternoon than shelling peas with two of my favorite people.


With a cup of Portland's Stumptown coffee in hand, and the table overflowing with a symphony of green peas, fava beans, and colorful bowls.


Grubby little hands, earned from playing in the garden, alternated between filling the bowls and filling their mouths.


It still amazes to remember that first little pea shoot that has sprung into a table full of sweet pods that, according to Aidan at least, taste like vanilla ice cream.


  1. Love these photos! This post is so fresh and summery. But peas like vanilla ice cream? You know I'd have to taste it to believe it, but there's no way any pea is getting near my mouth ;).

  2. Love this post! Your photos are great!

  3. So fun! I love the photos. When we were little my mom was growing peas, and one day she asked me to pick some sweet peas for our dinner table. Well, I picked the unripe peas...not flowers. Now I know the difference! :D