Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A little Bit of Random

Yesterday, the 11 year old and I were in the store.  Look here, Mom.  I glanced up in time to receive a shot of peppermint room spray in the eyes.  A small disclaimer goes here because the lad didn't think that it would spray halfway across the room, and his stricken face was the last thing I saw before my eyes swelled shut.  He led me by an outstretched arm to the bathroom and I spent the next few minutes running water in my eyes.  I was late to pick up Chloe so I had to hurry up and pay, while I was still squinting to see through bloodshot, swollen eyes.  (I felt the need to explain myself to the clerk.)  Chloe wanted to know why the car smelled so strongly of peppermint.

Chloe had her first board breaking session in Tae Kwon Do the other day.  I almost missed it.  There was a miscommunication between me and the husband and he took my car to get a part for his non functioning vehicle. But instead of coming back to get me, he went straight to Chloe's class.  With 5 minutes to get to her class, I left Aidan to watch a pot of soup bubbling on the stove, grabbed the bike out of the garage, pumped up a flat tire and began a Tour de France worthy sprint to the finish line.  The whole time I was...Please God just hold her off until I get there...I promised I'd be there....


Fortunately for our marital harmony, I stepped in the door just as her teacher was asking her if she was ready.  She looked up as I walked through the door and slid into a seat. 


It was a happy ending after all. 

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