Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Snowy Monday

It seemed like I could almost feel the earth breathe a deep sigh of relief yesterday as the snow began to fall and the ground greedily drank in the moisture.  This winter has been so dry.  Our few snowfalls have been tiny dustings compared to our normal Colorado winter.  The sled has sat lonely and gathering dust in the garage.  Twice, we have tried out our favorite sledding hill though the grasses were still peeking above the few inches of snow, and after a few skidding, halting slides down, we gave up and went home to console ourselves with hot chocolate.  But yesterday, the snow began to fall, and kept falling, all day.  Cozy inside, we played games, drank cinnamon, hazelnut cream coffee with our apple crisp, and waited for a break in the snow to head outside and play.  Within moments, Aidan and Chloe had disrupted the beautiful blanket of smooth snow with the back and forth footprints of a snowball fight.  The neighbor's fence this morning still bore the remnants of splattered snowballs that missed their mark and our sled welcomed two screaming kids down the hill. (And possibly a screaming Me. Chris is much too manly to scream going down the hill.)

 photo IMG_1667_zps7b092472.jpg
Happy snow days and wishing ourselves many more.

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