Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hedgie Takes a Bath

Once upon a time there was a boy who wanted a hedgehog for his birthday. So his mom searched the internet, made countless calls, and (almost) daily emails to a local hedgehog breeder.  Now he is in posession of his very own hedgie with a built in Roscoe defense system. (Sadly, small furry creatures have not survived long at our home). It's hard to eat a mouth full of prickles, at least that's the theory.

Today was Sam the Hedgehog's first bath.

 photo IMG_1945_zps360a408b.jpg
Not quite sure what to think, yet.

 photo IMG_1951_zps0c23529d.jpg
Look at the little face!

 photo IMG_1952_zps58ad7c8b.jpg

Today was also a snow day.  Not according to Bruce the superintendent from Montana, but I overruled him. Because in my opinion, if you haven't had a snow day all year and you get a foot of snow, that should be an automatic day off school.

Snow ice cream was on the menu.

 photo IMG_1958_zps59b72002.jpg
Some cream

 photo IMG_1963_zps58a75ba5.jpg
A little cinnamon bun
 photo IMG_1960_zps74966b1a.jpg
Plus a bit of pomegranate molasses, hazelnut, vanilla, and peppermint
 photo IMG_1962_zpsd4e37f9b.jpg
 photo IMG_1964_zps12150743.jpg
Then charge mom 50 cents for something you won't even try.

The fed ex man politely declined their offer of snow ice cream. I'm not sure why.

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