Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Beginnings

I haven't blogged for a while so it's definitely time for an update. Remember that part where I said that I felt like things were percolating like a coffee pot? Well, change was definitely in the air. Before school got out, my little Chloe started talking about moving again. My ears perked up because she did the same thing before our sojourn to Texas. Chris was getting that itchy restless feeling at work and I had been prepping the house to get ready to return it to our landlords. So we started thinking that maybe Chris' job was going to transfer us. ( Haha.) In the midst of it all, we got a call that our renter in CO had abandoned our house and left a mess (!) in his wake. June was spent figuring that whole mess out with a couple of trips to Colorado by Chris and I. But finally we did, and the kids and I finished a marathon trip to Colorado fueled by the need to get our house ready for the next occupant. So hours were spent in the car and then more hours working on the house during which I conquered my fear of the weedeater and miter saw ( I could be hired by a contractor at this point. I felt like a mixture of Wonderwoman and Tim the Toolman-not sure what THAT costume would look like!) The kids and I had literally just left for our trip home when Chris called to let me know that he had just been laid off. His company awarded his dedication and move across the country with much less loyalty in the form of budget cuts. Now that's just peachy.

The good news is that our house is now ready for it's next occupants. The surprising news is that it will be us. In a week and change we will be saying our last goodbyes to the fire ants and humidity and concrete. But also to friends and memories. So the joy of going home is tempered with some sadness and questions.

I thought it was ironic that my last post was about when we moved to Colorado the first time and how we had watched God move in that situation. Here we are again. Heading to Colorado without a job and waiting for the way to be made clear. Ahh, a life full of adventure. I'll (try to) keep you posted. =)

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