Monday, September 6, 2010

Between Here and There

I have meant to update this blog so much more often but the internet connection that we are borrowing (with permission this time ;) from our neighbors is sketchy and temperamental. But let's see, where did I leave off? We safely arrived in Lafayette. We soon discovered complications we were not expecting. Like the fact that the mold remediation company did not completely remove the mold in Aidan's room. Which in turn led to dismantling all of the newly finished Sheetrock. One thing led to another and to sum it up, Aidan's room in the basement is being completely dismantled and we are planning on redoing the room to conform to safety standards and make it to code which it was not previously. We are in the process of trying to get our $$ back from the mold company. So far, it has been over a month of emails and calls without any return contact from them. Frustrating. We also discovered that our new washer had been broken in our absence...Chris ran over a rock with our lawnmower and broke that...then part of the fence fell over...and Roscoe had to get treated for a bacterial infection in his ear... Chris doesn't have a job yet. But he has been busy working around the house and the kids are enjoying having two stay at home parents.

Waiting has never been my favorite thing. In fact, I loved sprinting because you could see the finish line from the starting line and the only goal was to get there as hard and fast as possible. I think that I live much of my life that way. And so waiting is hard. Especially when I can't see the finish line or even know where the finish line is. I think that I have gotten better over the years. But I still feel a bit like Chloe when she is so impatient to finish eating and go play that she stands at the table and wiggles, dances and hops on one foot. We are waiting for Chris to find a job and have a little more definition on the "Here". And in the meantime I have been trying to focus on enjoying the simple things like chilly mornings with warm tea. Painting. Drying the clothes on a clothesline. Coffee with my hubby. Colorado wildflowers and hikes in the mountains. And I confess that if I had written this blog earlier last month it would have breathed with more thankfulness to be back in Colorado. And I still am. I'm delighted to walk outside and see the mountains every single day. But in all honesty, the waiting is beginning to feel more burdensome. I guess I need to practice more long runs. =)

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