Monday, September 13, 2010

There and Back Again

By Bilbo Baggins. Nah, not really by Bilbo. I'm plagiarizing from a hobbit. Hurray, Chris has a job! Soon he'll be among the working again and off of the mean all of the hard work he has been doing on the house. But seriously I am going to miss my favorite companion. Even though there have been days when I wanted to shoo him out of my hair and my routines, I've gotten used to having the guy around. Sigh. He's going to be working at a company that had actually offered him a job previously a few years ago. They were very excited to find that he was back in town and sent him an offer before he barely had time to change out of his interview clothes. He's going to be working as a Senior Engineer Project Manager doing something engineeringish and project managerly. We are grateful.

In other news, Aidan and Chloe have both started school and soccer. They are loving the casual atmosphere and learning environment. Roscoe has a fierce onesided rivalry with the neighborhood bunnies. Yesterday he sat and longingly looked out the window and tried several times to communicate with me that he wanted to go out front and chase the plump little morsel. Finally, frustrated, he went and got the plastic container we dish his food out in (which he often brings to us when he's hungry) and put it on the windowsill in the direct path of the bunny.

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