Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Fall is my favorite time of year in Colorado. Eager to experience the arrival of fall we headed out to Estes Park on Sunday. We managed the swirly curvy ride with minimal car sickness in the backseat. Chris and the kids explored while they waited for me to finish taking pictures so we could go out for the promised (bribe) of ice cream.

Chris loved this pic because he thought it looked like the tree was on fire.

It was hard to meter this picture correctly because the elk is in the shadow and the sign is white so I just gave up and snapped the shot.


  1. So, I was over at A Place Called Simplicity, figuring out who was going to meet Linny for coffee, and I discover it is YOU! Also I was glad to find you because I have a new computer and lost all my bookmarks. I love your photos and I'm glad Chris got a job. I'll put you on my blog reader now so I won't loose you again.

    Please say "hi" to Linny for me (as if she even knows who I am, but I have been following her blog for about two years or so. Have fun!

    P.S. I finally started a blog of my own.

  2. Justine I started following her blog because YOU posted the post about not getting the memo! And Tabitha does too. I will say Hi for you. =)