Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today I was driving home from the library lost in thought about Chloe's birthday party. Okay, I know I have 24 days until her birthday, but these things take planning. Anyway, as I was driving, I noticed a woman walking along the sidewalk. She was dressed in gray, bulky, mannish sweats, and she was limping. Not a little limp, but one where one whole side of her body dragged as she walked. Her face looked weathered and worn and I was instantly struck by the difference in her life and mine. I was comfortably driving in my car with the heated seat on, healthy and well cared for. My body is without handicap from either birth or accident. How different my life would look if I had been born into a less privileged set of shoes. And I am thankful. But at the same time, a little ashamed. Because sometimes I spend more time and energy thinking about things that make my life better and less time devoted to making someone else's life better. My hope though,is that as I continue to walk through life, my heart will be consumed with less of me and become more like the One who created me.

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