Monday, November 8, 2010

Thoughts from the backseat

Yesterday we were driving down the road when Aidan loudly bursts out, "Mom what does a **** mean?" (a particularly choice word) Umm, where did you hear that? "It's on that bumper-sticker." (Thanks Dude in the green car who doesn't want anyone to mess with him and feels the need to display that for all to see) Really trying not to laugh at the incongruity of what we have just heard coming from our 9 year old, Chris and I try to explain that that word can really mean lots of things. None of which is acceptable. But the point of using such language is to make a strong statement in a crude, offensive way...etc. Feeling that we have done our best to explain the inappropriateness of such a word, (and the use of it by our children) and expounded sufficiently enough, we finished the topic only to hear a sweet little 6 year old voice from the backseat say, "Well Aidan, now you know what **** means".

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