Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

I've always loved Valentine's Day; even way back before I had a sweetie to share it with.  The idea of taking a pause to celebrate loving and being loved is brilliant to me.  I'm not talking about Hallmak cheesy, but the sweet joy in remembering, and taking notice.  But really, I love most excuses to celebrate.  Groundhogs Day?-I'm more excited than the kids.  Saint Patrick's Day?-I'm all over it.  Earth Day?-one of my favorites...(Whole Foods gave out free compost last year).

I'm a bit sad this year that 5th grade apparently has become too cool for the classroom parties with all of the heart shaped treats, hovering moms, and enforced valentines delivery.  Sigh.  They still get to bring in snacks, so I faithfully sent in my offering of heart shaped chocolate cookies, and stuffed a valentine into his lunch box instead.

Third grade for Chloe isn't much better.  They have valentine deliveries but -gasp-no party.  It must be the male teacher thing though because all of the other classes get a party.  Chloe came home bursting with importance to share the juicy news that their party had been axed, because she knew that my reaction would be worthwhile.  And I played my dismayed part to perfection.

My darling husband had to be out of town all this week so he made up for it by giving me a whole week of pre-valentines love.  For an engineer who sets monthly reminders into his phone to do something special for his wife, (otherwise he might get lost in a fascinating world of pumps, compressors, and ISO 9000's)Valentine's Day is a great big reminder and he did not disappoint.  He spent a week surprising me with little reminders that he's been listening after all. 


Of course, I didn't deserve it at all having possibly been a tad bit cranky about all of the traveling, but I guess that's the beauty of love, isn't it?

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