Monday, May 7, 2012

Grammys and Cellos

My mom's coming today and we are so excited!  My grandparents used to come and visit us every year when we were growing up.  They would often arrive with presents from their travels, new puzzles to do together and slight-of-hand tricks.  We would get so excited, and eagerly wait for weeks in anticipation of their visits.  My brother and sister and I would even call a truce and suspend all of the hair pulling, fighting, and otherwise scallywaggish behavior in order to not spoil the event. 

Aidan and Chloe have cleaned up their rooms, argued over whose bed she was sleeping in, and Chloe made a huge welcome banner that is face high as you walk into her room.  (It's been up for days, and we have to duck everytime we walk in and out of her bedroom-which is frequent as we fulfill all of her nightly requests!)  Now every other sentence is punctuated with "I can't believe Grammy is almost here!".  My dad was unable to travel in the last few years, so now my mom is making up for lost time by scooting around the country visiting her loads of grandchildren.

AND we only have a week and a half before we all head off together for a visit to Germany!!


Aidan had another cello event over the weekend-the Razzle Dazzle Benefit for Impact for Education.  (More to come after I get the sweet husband to help me get video off my cell phone.)

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  1. All of this sounds so awesome. You better take a ton of pix in Germany.