Friday, May 4, 2012

Most of our yard is filled with weeds.  Which is an improvement on the bare dirt that it was when we moved in.  Little bits at a time we are reclaiming the space into what we imagine it should look like.  Some of the projects have gone slightly awry like the one where I sprinkled wild grass seeds that I had collected around the path to the stone patio area.  I was imagining tall grass growing on the side of the path in a sort of wild English garden look.  Well, it is definitely a wild sort of look now; and I'm not sure how to tame it.  It has turned into a raging beast with a mind of it's own on a quest to take over the world.

My newest idea was to install a white picket fence to create a little area near the house where we could plant some grass.  Then I had the brilliant idea to mix the grass seed with an abundance of crimson clover.  I'm aware that there are those who consider clover a weed.  I am not among them.  I love clover.  And it feeds my need for instant gratification and immediate results.  Plus it's good for the soil, and the bees.  And it's green. 



  1. Just had this conversation a few hours ago: if it is green and you can mow it, call it "grass" and call it good.