Tuesday, January 15, 2013


We're back on the Clean Diet for our yearly detoxing.  I think that we probably eat fairly well in general.  I limit our sugar, at least to half, in every recipe, and often use honey, dates, or maple syrup instead.  I buy only organic meat, and lots of organic fruits and veg, but we do love butter.  And cream.  And bread, and my extra dark fair trade chocolate that I have a taste of occasionally. (sigh)  I have a cup of tea nearly every day, and sometimes a cup of coffee as well.  For at least a week, we are doing a mini cleanse and eliminating a lot of things that we love (like chocolate, dairy, gluten, caffeine...) as well as adding two liquid meals a day.  Chris grudgingly agreed to go along with me.  And really, this is mostly for his benefit, because with all of his travel this year, his dietary regime got kicked to the wayside.  (When you are in the boondocks of Texas working at least 12 hour days and the only restaurants have wilted iceberg lettuce as their veggie choice, who could blame you really.)

No whining allowed. 

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