Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Isabelle Lake

We were in Oklahoma recently for a wedding and some fellas struck up a conversation with Chris at the coffee bar. On hearing he was from Colorado, they slipped further into an Okie drawl.  "Weelll ah just can't magin whhy anyone would want to live theyr. Too cold. Too much snow. Me, ah'm a lizard, I like the sun".

Yep, you're right. You should probably stay right where you're at. It's a dreadful place to live, but we try to make do...

Some views from our most recent hike.
 photo IMG_2423_zpsb8e3d9f8.jpg
Lake Isabelle
 photo IMG_2427_zpsbcec6fba.jpg
Cummings kids+Sparks kids = muddy, artistic explorers talking about guns
 photo IMG_2425_zpsd9bc96e0.jpg
Indian Paintbrush
What hike would be complete without a picture of the Indian Paintbrush? Maybe because it's one of the only wildflowers that I know it's name? Here's another just for variety's sake: 

 photo IMG_2442_zps9cc42bd7.jpg
Pretty unnamed wildflower

 photo IMG_2439_zps3d761a86.jpg

 photo IMG_2432_zps0a5cfe11.jpg

The afternoon thunderstorms came rolling in and gave us a gorgeous panorama of shifting clouds filtering the sun into an ever changing array of light. 

 photo IMG_2430_zps178fb48a.jpg
The ever awesome Esther Sparks
 photo IMG_2424_zpsf342de83.jpg
Leyla and Chloe shenanigans
 photo IMG_2440_zpsabd50d02.jpg
It's a menhir!
 photo IMG_2438_zps03989808.jpg

Happy trails.

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