Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The First Days of Summer

Summer brings me a welcome exhale. Freedom from packing school lunches, ferrying to soccer practices, the morning rush, and the demands of homework. It's all over for a blissful few months, and we are taking deep breaths indeed.
 photo IMG_7609_zpsfqin2ggr.jpg
The view from the kitchen window
We have a momma robin who has tucked her nest right under the eaves by Chloe's window. Her babies just hatched, not yet to the peeping stage, and outside we sit and watch her bringing them food. Today she flew in with a huge moth that was quickly snatched up by reaching beaks.

There is a tiny wren family that built a nest inside our BBQ grill. Momma has been diligently sitting on the nest while the daddy hovers close by. And we are now trudging over to our neighbor's house with our plates of meat.

And inside our nest, two days into summer and we have built a fairy garden, played an epic game of Monopoly, made homemade lemonade and popcorn, eaten outside and watched Agents of SHIELD until far past bedtimes. And also this:

 photo IMG_7600_zpsdrr57rto.jpg
Cello Love
 photo IMG_7606_zpsl8grtwu8.jpg
Aidan and Roxanne
 photo IMG_7598_zpsga9tbagm.jpg
Learning the mandolin
 photo IMG_7599_zpscvitephr.jpg
Chloe and Bessie
Here's to summer.

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