Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Cautionary Tale

...the "true" story of how I broke my arm, as told by Aidan to his soccer team...

Well, there I was, 20 miles from the nearest cilivilization. Don't ask me how I got there because I have no idea. But anyway, there I was, out in the woods looking for a good place to go to the restroom. When SUDDENLY, a ginormous black bear leaped out of the leafy wall and attacked me. Now I put up a good fight trying to escape, but I was no match for a black bear. He grabbed my arm in his mouth and snapped the bone into bits, breaking the bone and dislocating my shoulder. He finally lost interest. I looked down at my arm and saw the bone poking through the flesh by the elbow. Blood was gushing everywhere! I just barely managed to one-handedly crawl 20 miles back to civilization while leaving a trail of blood everywhere. The people saw me and quickly rushed me to the ER. The people at the ER were BARELY able to save my arm from being amputated. But the gave me hypnotic medicine so I don't remember any of the process. So don't ask. The End.

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  1. Leave it to kids to have a great sense of humor over something so yucky. Glad he is doing well. I also really enjoyed your pictures in the last couple of posts!