Friday, August 26, 2011

More Oregon Pics

I absolutely love rituals. Not the kind of rituals that you HAVE to do like make dinner, clean the bathroom and sweep the floors. But the little rituals that stick a marker in the sand saying that this is a special moment-pay attention. Like a cup of tea and a chocolate muffin break after a morning of running errands. Or the certain way I tuck my kids in every single night. Or the noisy discourse of the school day over an afternoon snack.

When we went and visited Oregon early this summer, the kids and I decided that this was a ritual worth making a marker of, and repeating over and over again. The days were filled to the brim with coffee, exploring, rocks, sand, rivers and cousins until finally spilling over with exhausted little bodies heading to bed. (The coffee was so that all of the adults could make it through the day of adventuring) The goodbyes were sad and lingering, full of promises to do it again next year.




Happy adventuring to your own special rituals.

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