Monday, December 5, 2011


I miss my garden.  I had to buy some kale today for the first time in a long time.  I have a few precious tomatoes left that are wrapped in newsprint in the bottom of the fridge.  I had to buy some eggs too because the girls are not laying as much with the onset of shorter days.  But even though I miss the garden producing, I really love this season.  I love the snow.  And fir trees, Christmas lights, and pomegranates.  I love hot cocoa and coffee on a cold day.  And games of Monopoly that last forever.  (I love homemade pickles too, but that's not really relevant to this post.)  Then there's sledding.  I love sledding.  But not nearly as much as the kiddos do. Sledding brings a whole new level of euphoric happiness to our younger set that is hard to top.  It tends to make everything right in their world. Probably there would be more world peace if people went sledding more often.


Here's Chris getting in on the goodness, until that unfortunate part where he ran into a stump.
Roscoe was nearly delirious with happiness chasing the sled.  And I was happy to let him run down the hill and drag me back up because having a 90 pound exhausted dog is way better than his normal hyper 9-year-old-boy-with-a-tail state.

Seriously, look at that face.

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  1. So precious! Your dog behind the sled cracked me up! My son would be majorly jealous to see this. He's DYING for it to snow here. The temperature is finally right, now we just need some precipitation...
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