Monday, August 20, 2012

Rolling Ants on Binders

Every year, around the times that the kids go back to school, a council of ants convenes and decides to invade my house.  For some reason they decide to ignore the large numbers lost in previous years to squishing, squirting, and vacuuming, and think this year will be the one the takeover is successful.  Seriously, whoever is in charge should be fired.   If I were a peon ant listening to the dying scream of my comrades, I would stage a revolt.  Or maybe these are the ants who ticked the queen off and so she's having her revenge.  Bad queen.

We survived the first few days of back to school.  There was one small crises when it became apparent that I was the only parent to succumb to the large, plastic, 3.97 binders from Wal-Mart.  (Although in my defense, I was just following the school supply list)  However, certain middle school disaster was averted after a marathon, multi store shopping trip that ended with the desired item found and clutched in my completely cranky and there's no way on earth I'm going to another store hands. 

Today is my first soccer practice.  The one where I'm coaching because no other parent would volunteer.  My last coaching experience was Aidan's wee ball team, back when it was okay to stand on your head on second base and half the team might leave the field in the middle of an inning for a potty break.  I was never quite sure how I got wrangled into coaching then, I just signed up to "help" and the next thing I know, they're handing me a roster list and telling me good luck.  I'm not sure any of them actually learned anything about playing baseball.  But at least they all felt good about themselves.  And we had good snacks which is really the important part. 

And because every blog post should have a picture, here's one of us rolling down a hill.  The classic part where Aidan rolls with wild abandon and then runs into Chloe and I, and makes her cry.

hill rolling at it's finest

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