Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kiss and Tell

I'm watching the stream of ants that magically appeared after I laid out the ant traps.  And I feel really bad, because they are telling each other in ant talk that they found something really special.  They've called out all the workers ants and they are rapidly decreasing the amount of clear poison in the little plastic case.  But I know, they are all going to die, and I feel bad about it.  I'm telling them that I'm sorry, and I asked them nicely to please go away.  I spent a week vacuuming, squirting, and squishing.  I used up a tube of silicone caulk trying to block off all their entry points. But they kept coming back, and ranging farther and farther into the house.  I'm sorry little ants, but you really left me with no choice. 

In other notes: our pile of adoption paperwork is slowly moving into the "filled out" pile.  We still need to get fingerprints, doctors notes, cpr trained, and a few other items, but we are plugging along.  We've answered all sorts of questions about each other and our personalities, parents, siblings, friends, dogs, chickens...(time to kiss and tell).  Chris and I got into a rountine of sitting in bed at night with a pile of paperwork and a movie, occasionally peeking over the other's shoulder to see what was being said about us.  (Okay, maybe most of the peeking was being done by me.) It was interesting though, that the way we rated ourselves was almost always spot on with the way the other person rated us.

And to finish: here's a picture of Aidan being super manly by swimming in an alpine lake.

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