Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dog Perfume, Coffee, and a Shepherd Boy

The dog came inside tonight after rolling in something especially pungent. I tried to wash her down but it only made the smell stronger and she started shaking her fur, swirling little droplets of stink onto my bed. Not cool, Ella. She's sleeping in the garage tonight, and hopefully taking this little time out to reconsider where she finds her perfume.

 photo IMG_4831_zpsa7575ff5.jpg
I have two quick stories, because I'm ready to put this day to bed. This picture is from the Israel Museum. We went because Aidan and Chris love museums, and Chloe and I love Aidan and Chris (but not museums so much). We walked in, discovered how much the admission was (I had been misreading Frodo's advice, and thought it was free-definitely not free) and then had a brief family meeting over coffee addressing how important it actually was to see the dead sea scrolls. It wasn't that important, so we drank yummy coffee, snickered at the loud American who announced to the world that that apple strudel had his name on it, and went to the gift shop instead.

 photo IMG_4679_zps0ff7fbad.jpg
Shepherd Boy
We saw this guy as we passed through the West Bank on the way to the Dead Sea. There was a brief period of cacophony in the car over the observance of an actual shepherd with actual sheep while I demanded for Chris to slow down so I could get a picture. He was carrying a stick with a bell on it, and when he pointed in a direction all of the sheep obediently followed. Now, if you are aware of Chloe's love affair with sheep and her life goal to grow up and marry a sheep farmer, you can imagine how exciting this moment was.  He noticed us too as we slowed to a crawl in our mint green rental car with my camera lens sticking out the window as I stole his picture. He began waving and shouting at me so we pulled over up the road (after another period of cacophony in the car) because we certainly didn't want to offend our very first shepherd boy with his demand for baksheesh. Aidan ran back with some coins and after that I'm pretty sure we could have been Facebook buddies. He was all smiles and waves until we were far off into the distance.

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  1. It always amazes me how much stuff costs!! I would have gone for the shepard boy and the coffee too. I think you all will remember that experience long after you would have forgotten the dead sea scrolls.