Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Texture Tuesday

The onset of spring and weather warm with the scent of growing, living things, gives me an almost irrepressible urge to paint things glossy white and lemon yellow. During the winter, I wanted to paint things orange; in fact, I walked around the house sometimes muttering, what would that look like Orange?

Another random fact is that going to the library makes me so happy that sometimes I find myself walking the aisles and humming, usually Christmas carols. It happened yesterday. Weird, I know.

 photo IMG_4659_zps4c6d7dfc.jpg
Tzfat, Israel
Old windows and doors also make me happy, like this one. It has character, and stories to tell, and it's beauty and order surrounded by old crumbling stone. It was processed with Kim Klassen's texture, happy heart.


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  1. So true when Spring hits, I want to paint and clean up flower pots and unusual things to mix among my flower bed. Usually, I just make a mess. hahahaha Love the vision of white and lemon yellow. The photo is so original of the window...love the scrolling design on it. :) Thanks for visiting me.