Thursday, January 22, 2015


I think best with something in my hand. I prefer pen and paper to a mouse and keyboard. I love the way a pen scritch scratches on the page, and I really love to write with a pencil, especially a pencil with thick velvety lead. My favorite spots are almost invariably linked to patches of sunshine, and emptiness. I like to be in the rooms that are filled with color, books and art supplies. But I like to dream when I'm alone. In a barren place, of light and shadow, with nothing guiding me or fighting for my attention.

Maybe that's why I love Colorado winter so much. When we first moved here, it depressed me with it's bleakness. Now, I love it. The thing about winter is that it's wild and free, untamable. Summer can be tempered by air conditioning, the pool, and iced vanilla lattes. But winter forces you to take notice, to find yourself small, and not in control. To face the bold scars and imperfections that no longer hide beneath a show of beauty. Winter reveals what spring, and summer, and fall, cover.

And yet, beneath the layers of decaying leaves, and dried up grasses, life is regenerating, preparing to bloom. It's a perfect time for dreaming. This year, I'm giving myself space to dream, and to put those thoughts into words, and actions. And it's kinda scary, but exciting at the same time.

A bit ago, I randomly saw a post for a "dream job" contest for week in Africa with World Vision. And my heart leapt. So I signed up (Chloe says that if I go-she goes, that girl has Africa on her heart.). Because I wanted to give voice to my heart. It's one of those  "how many votes you can get, and how good you are at what you do?" kind of deals.  So check out my video here. And vote, (everyday!). That would make me happy.

 photo IMG_7058_zps2occf7l3.jpg
What's in your hand?
And if I don't get to go to Africa, this time, and one of the other amazing people gets their dream job, I'm still going to keep moving forward until thoughts become reality and my feet follow my heart, to somewhere amazing.

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