Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Dog's Boy

Roscoe had to stay outside the whole day yesterday because I was worried about his puppy-in-a-big-dog's-body/bull-in-a-china closet syndrome. And I didn't want him jostling his favorite playmate. (I'm not sure if he thinks Aidan is a puppy or he is a little boy, but either way, Aidan is his roughhouse buddy of choice. We finally broke him of the habit of slyly reaching up and nipping Aidan in the bum when he walked by as he tried to antagonize his boy into playing) But I didn't need to worry. Roscoe immediately sensed something wasn't quite right and didn't even pull his favorite trick of frantically licking anybody laying on the floor. Instead, he cautiously and respectfully lay down with his head on Aidan's feet, comforting him in the only way he was able.

(A tiny disclaimer: this pic was taken with Chris' blackberry.)

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