Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Today is a sort of back-to-school day for me.  I've given myself an internal deadline to finish my course on professional photography.  I'm nearly to the end and have been finding it a bit hard to find the motivation for the final push.  But fall is my favorite time to study.  There's something about chilly mornings and rainy days that make me want to grab my notebook and a cup of coffee and start my lessons.  Before I start sharpening the crayons though, here are a few more pics from our summer adventures in Oregon.

One of the highlights of our trip was the trip to my brother's farm.
Everybody who knows Chloe can imagine how much this scene made her happy.

Making bread.

Aidan was nearly giddy with delight at the chance to run his uncle's backhoe.

Not about to let the boys have all the fun.

8 cousins + 7 more friends of the family=some crazy fun.

The yard, trampoline, and pool were full of laughing, scrambling kids as they careened from one imaginary game to another. 

To top it all off: ice cream sundaes with TILLAMOOK ice cream.  It's no wonder they didn't want to go home.

And oh yes, I found some old wood and wire.  Happy sigh.


  1. Great pictures! You will make a wonderful profession photographer!

    By the way, is that the brother of yours that I know? (Don't want to ruin anonymity here.) I never pictured him as a farm guy, but the place looks beautiful.

  2. Forgot to mention that all the kids are adorable!