Monday, September 5, 2011

Oregon Part 3

Give my kids a river and some rocks to play on and they are in paradise.

Um yeah, this was obviously pre-broken arm.  But the action of leaping is coincidentally what caused the accident....hmm.

The nicest old man shared his can of mixed nuts (I had to be careful how I worded that) with the kids so they could feed the chipmunks.  Chloe waited the looongest time before some came and ate out of her hand.  My sis and I were holding our breath knowing that she was on the verge of a tears.  But sure enough, they cautiously came tip toeing up-as only little chipmunks can-and left Chloe with an empty hand and the hugest grin.

Some crazy cousin love.

Aidan helping his younger cousin across the river.

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