Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Notes

I have trouble thinking of a title most times.  And when I do, I have this annoying tendency to add -ness to whatever it is.  (If you haven't noticed, then forget I said that, and don't start noticing now.) I should just label them with the days of the week.  And what do you say when days like today are just a mish mash of random notes? And when the only reason I am blogging is because I am putting off what needs to be done?

The dogs broke into the chicken run the other night. We know it was a team effort because only one dog is strong enough to rip apart the gate and the other dog left her hair in the wire when she squeezed through.  (And she wanted to avoid retribution, so she refused to come out of the garage...who me?)  They weren't after our sweet little chickens though-they were after the leftover noodles we threw in there.  After all, if you're going to commit a heinous crime, you should at least have sufficient motivation.

I was initially thrilled as my cherry tomatoes started coming in.  I kept arranging them in cheery heaps on the counters.  But then they REALLY started coming in, and the bigger tomatoes with them. I was secondly mildly alarmed at the amount, then completely overwhelmed.  So I started eating them with everything and sneaking them into stuff for the kids.  Drying them, making sauce, salsas, bruschetta, and finally passing them off on my neighbors.  Lunch is often a broiled toast with tomatoes, cheese, olive oil and fresh basil.


A word about dates:  I just discovered, thanks to The Raw Chef, that you can make a date paste to use in baked goods instead of sugar.  I blended dates with a bit of water and vanilla yesterday for the sweet in our scones.  They were delightfully scrumptious.

Aidan is doing so much better.  He's back at school this week and last night I caught him (and stopped him) wrestling with the neighborhood boys in the front yard. (Chloe was in the act too as she was about to take on two bigger boys at once) He doesn't get his cast on until Monday and I am hoping the splint lasts until them.  It's a raggedy and fuzzy and the ace bandage is tearing off of it. 

Well, off to eat some more tomatoes...

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