Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Day of Snow

There is just enough kid in me that everytime it snows, I am hoping for a blizzard.  Colorado loved me enough this year to give me a great big fluffy snow for our first snowfall.



A friend asked me to take her kid to school today.  And I'm not sure why we couldn't get ourselves together this morning.  Every year the first cold day incites a scramble for lost gloves, warm socks, and hats.  It's not like the weather took us by surprise.  The weatherman did mention that the snow was coming, but apparently the tradition is more important.  So adding an extra stop this morning meant that something had to give.  And that just happened to be any semblance of normal clothes for me this morning.  Stripey fleece pants, check.  Furry black boots, check.  Bumblebee yellow sweatshirt from Broken Arrow track team, check. (And for the record, that color doesn't look good on anyone, except maybe a bumblebee.)  Went to bed with head wet resulting in a mountain of fluff atop my crown?  No problem...stripey hat with huge pom pom, check!  Fortunately, I didn't have to get out of the car. 


The chickens approached their first snow with caution.  Tikka came barreling out of the coop only to cluck scoldingly at Aidan for the weather and turn and try to shove her fluffy self back through the blockade of sisters behind her.



Roscoe decided that he didn't have to go to the bathroom after all and instead would like to spend the day curled up on Chloe's sheepie rug.  I am going to sip some tea, then try to tackle the clean laundry in hopes of finding all the right socks.

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  1. Yay for the bumblebee sweatshirt!!! And I love these photos. And I love YOU! Missing you more than usual right now too--wish I was there in the snow with you and a cozy pumpkin spice latte.