Sunday, October 2, 2011

Memorial Service-Hewitt Style

Sometimes the best way to celebrate memories is to make new ones.

A little bit of marital rivalry might have been going on.  I don't mind throwing some elbows if it helps me win.

Brotherly love.  Somebody's gonna get hurt.

Carrie doesn't mind sweeping the leg of a ten year old if it gives her an advantage...that's why she was on my team

Brilliant form.  I shouldn't mention that my sister scored like a zillion goals to my one.

This was really a very complicated dance move.

The man in purple was unstoppable.  Which was also why he was on my team.

Ps. I did not take any of these pictures.  I was too busy running around after the little blue ball and trying to hurt my husband so he would quit blowing by me.

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