Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just Because

When Chris heads out of town, the kids and I have a tradition of pizza for dinner.  We went through a fozen pizza phase, a Papa Murphy's phase, a try every new pizza place phase, and a Pizza Hut phase (that one only lasted for the span of 1 pizza).  But this time, as we lay on the bed with our horde of library books surrounding us and the remnants of the wild plum pie we had for snack crumbling on Chris' side of the bed, we couldn't come to a democratic agreement.  So we improvised, because nobody makes pizza like us anyways.

Three pieces of dough so we could all make what we wanted and pizza sauce made from our tomatoes...

My pizza: heirloom tomatoes, spicy arugula, Jimmy Nardelo peppers,  and fresh garlic and herbs (all from the garden) and apple cinnamon sausage...yumm.

Aidan's pizza:  Stromboli stuffed with sausage and two kinds of cheese, and jalepenos...yumm with a little kick

Chloe's pizza:  Stuffed crust with two kinds of cheese and fresh way Papa Murphy's can compete

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