Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photo Shoot

This weekend was full of outside fun, and work, as we tried to squeeze the last bit out of gorgeous fall weather in anticipation of the coming winter storm. 

One of my projects this weekend was to take a shot for the fashion portion of my photography class.  I needed to find and duplicate a professional advertisement.  Being the jeans and t-shirt kinda girl that I am, I decided to pull in the big guns.  Jill Carter of Common Couture graciously agreed to collaborate with me and lend me her professional expertise.  I'm very grateful, as everyone who has ever seen me apply make up can attest to.  They wouldn't have turned out the same without her, or Jackie Kofahl, who was our lovely model.


My instructor used to work for Ansel Adams and then she went on to be on staff at a museum for 25 years taking pictures for their permanent displays.  She has definite ideas about how she wants things presented.  My ideas of how I want them to look sometimes differs.  And I've discovered that when I am doing things my own way rather than trying to fit into a prescribed set of guidelines, I have a lot more fun.  (Some things never change, isn't that right, Mom?)  So I compromised by taking some for me and some for my instructor. 


The texture used in this photograph was one created by Kim Klassen.  I'm not allowed to used photoshop in any of the photos that I send in for my assignments. 


I love shooting into the sun. It makes it sort of dreamy and romantic looking in my opinion.


The clouds are rolling in now, and winter is making her attempt to chase away fall.  Hope you got your fill of leaves, pumpkins, and pears.


  1. These are SOOOO gorgeous, Esther! I am IN AWE!

  2. That shot in the sun IS romantic. Love all these! Wishing you good luck on your project.
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