Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Unload

I did a photo shoot for a friend's 18month old this weekend.  What made it super special was mommy/daughter date it turned in to.  Earlier I had sat at the computer browsing pics with my cup of coffee.  A purple cup appeared in the hand of my little who had sat on my lap before scooting back across the room to become reemerged in her fairy book.  Don't leave your milk by the's not milk, Mommy, it's coffee, like yours. 


My small assistant helped me scout out the location and eagerly gathered leaves and pumpkins, and placed them artfully around.  She blew bubbles and jumped around to capture the little guy's attention.  (Because he certainly wasn't paying any attention to me! In fact, I spent most of the time running around to get a picture of his face just as he would dodge and reward me with the view of his back)


She waited patiently for wardrobe changes and snacks, and carried around my extra gear.


I think I'll hire her.  I hope she'll work for chocolate and oodles of mommy love.

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