Sunday, April 29, 2012


It's that time again for a chicken update.  All of the little chicks are growing up, and the ones that we have been fostering for friends have moved on to their own places.  Well, except for one.  Because I am almost 100% certain that she is not a she.  Her name was Rosie, but we are now calling her Rosie Roosevelt Roy just to have all of our bases covered.  And now is the perfect time for us to prove exactly how hardcore of homesteaders we are and prepare the stew pot.  Yeah, that's not gonna happen.  She will probably be pawned off on a friend who has more moxie than I do in that area; and all the children involved will be told that she went to a happy place. 
Is there any doubt?  Doesn't she look rather Roosterish?
Aidan's sweet little lady, Jojo
Chloe's pretty girl, Cinnamon Bun

Once again, Aidan and Chloe's chickens are the best of friends. This time though, in direct contrast to our older hens, Aidan's chicken is the feisty, brave one, and Cinnamon Bun is the calm, laid back follower. (Although she looks like some kind of fierce hawk like creature)

Rosie has been guarding the young chicks fiercely until the other night when she abandoned the young ones to nestle up in the nesting box with the big girls. She/he had a smug look of satisfaction being surrounded by all the fluffy hens.

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