Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter and Other Stuff

This is my very first attempt to sit in bed and type this blog from my very new iPad. The auto correct and I are having some issues working together so if something slips by that makes no sense, just blame Apple.We had a lovely weekend. Chloe had her first soccer game on Saturday and she was adorable AND fast. Girl has some wheels on her.


We spent Easter Sunday celebrating with friends and family, and friends and family of family. (just go with it- it made sense in my head.) Lent seemed really long this year and it wasn't just the meatless, sugarless, coffeeless cooking I was doing. (everyone gave up something special to them this year so it left me the task of being more creative than usual.) Lots of the time I felt like I was trudging through parts of me that I would rather leave unseen and unexplored, and it felt like Easter would never come. But finally it did, and there is something (and everything) about Hope rising at Easter that felt really powerful this year. I couldn't help but hope, and wonder, if maybe some of our dreams that have felt dead and buried, might come to life after all.


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