Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Aidan's make up game was cancelled on Sunday because of the rain.  The unexpected news gifted us with a few more hours of hibernation, cozy under mounds of blankets with the window open and filling the room with chilly morning air.  A Colorado thunderstorm is not to be wasted so when the midnight  thunder and lightning began, I stayed awake and soaked in the flashes of lightning lighting up the room and resounding booms that brought Chloe out of her bed and into ours.

I had two fun photo sessions this week.  One family was working on an adoption album, and the other was of a 11 day old newborn.  Just a couple of sneak peeks....



I came home Sunday evening after being away for a couple of hours and found that Chris had done the shopping for dinner, and made lasagna and bread that immediately embraced me with it's toasty, meaty fragrance when I walked in the door.  Not only that, he had also done the dishes.  It was amazing.  He tells me that that is what is like for him coming home every night from work.  (Well okay, maybe minus the dishes being done).

The kids passports came in the mail which makes our trip to Germany next month seem so much closer, and real.

I now have the Monday chores of sorting through the random piles of paper and objects that have appeared scattered on top of every available surface. And facing the piles of laundry that have also magically accumulated during the weekend.  And of course my favorite, planning meals and grocery shopping.  (That part might have been a little sarcastic.)  Nevertheless, let the cleaning frenzy begin.

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  1. Love the pictures! The family one is especially amazing.